Thursday, December 17, 2015

Take the Survey

You may have noticed a link to the right that encourages you to Take the Survey.

It sends you to a Google Form that asks a few demographic questions and some general questions like whether you think that this is a good idea.

It also asks about which amenities you are interested in.

This is a great opportunity to let your voice be heard.

The Committee

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Forest Park Cultural Park Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from the surveycomment formFacebook, and personal interactions.

  1. Is this real?
    1. The project is in an early exploratory phase (Phase 1). Forest Park owns the land.
    2. In phase 1 of this effort, the committee will be working with Forest Park officials to develop a vision for developing the land as a community cultural asset and recommending a path forward.
  2. What will the park have? How much will it cost? Who is paying for it? How will it be managed?
    1. The next Phase, Phase 2 of the project will look in detail at the above questions. Ultimately, the Village of Forest Park will need to decide on a set of linked decisions that provide the best mix of costs, benefits, and mitigation of potential risk for the city. Cost can be from $1 million to $10 million+ depending on the decisions made in Phase 2.
    2. Some of the important decisions in Phase 2 will include:
      1. What is the configuration of the park? Concert venue, art park, running trails, multi-season, etc. How much room to leave for future enhancements? Take the survey!
      2. How will initial construction be paid for? Private funding, bond issue, grants?
      3. Will the city retain ownership of the land?
      4. Who will run operations? City or private group?
      5. Revenue sources? Concert tickets, concessions, naming right
      6. How much will the ongoing costs be?
    3. For reference, River Edge Park in Aurora cost about $14 Million, Downers Grove Veterans Memorial Pavilion was about 1.3 million
  3. What are the benefits and costs to Forest Park?
    1. Plusses
      1. Nearby cultural events
      2. Added green / recreational space
      3. Area to hold special events
      4. Drives traffic to and from Madison St. and other surrounding business districts.
      5. Enhanced tax revenue from concessions, parking, royalties, and increased business
    2. Possible negatives
      1. Increased motor vehicle traffic
      2. Increased safety and security issues
  4. What will happen in future phases?
    1. Phase 3 will be the main go forward decision. Once the decisions about configuration, operating model and funding sources are made, details and appropriate due diligence will be finalized.
      1. Phase 3 will include preparation of detailed construction and operating plans and a full risk-reward analysis.
        1. Phase 3 will answer things like questions about traffic management, security operations, specific issues about control and governance of the facilities.
      2. Once all the loose ends are tied, the city will make decisions for the final investment
    2. Phase 4 is construction and preparation for operations and maintenance.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bring The Arts to Forest Park

The Village should promote the development of a cultural park / performing arts center on the property it owns known as the Altenheim property. This site has all of the attributes necessary to be developed into an amazing entertainment and recreation center for Forest Park, Oak Park, River Forest, and the entire area.

For years, Forest Park has been considered a nice place to live and a great spot to go to for dinner and drinks in the western suburbs.

With our central location in the metro area, we have the chance to be, not only a place to come for dinner and drinks, but a place that that will attract people from all over the region to come for music, theater, and the arts.

Further posts will provide details of the proposal.

Committee Members:
Andrea DiFebo
Ralph DiFebo
Gary Frantzen
Paul McKenna, Starship Subs
Richard "Chubs" Polfus
Kim Rostello
Amy Storey
Amy Turilli

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