The Village should promote the development of a cultural park / performing arts center on the property it owns known as the Altenheim property. This site has all of the attributes necessary to be developed into an amazing entertainment and recreation center for Forest Park, Oak Park, River Forest, and the entire area.

For years, Forest Park has been considered a nice place to live and a great spot to go to for dinner and drinks in the western suburbs.

With our central location in the metro area, we have the chance to be, not only a place to come for dinner and drinks, but a place that that will attract people from all over the region to come for music, theater, and the arts.

Further posts will provide details of the proposal.

Committee Members:
Andrea DiFebo
Ralph DiFebo
Gary Frantzen
Paul McKenna, Starship Subs
Richard "Chubs" Polfus
Kim Rostello
Amy Storey
Amy Turilli

Link to The Concept

Link to The Video

Link to FAQ

Link to Express Your Opinions (Take the Survey)

Link to Contact the Committee Directly


  1. Hi , I am looking forward to the roll out of your plan . I for one think it would enhance the quality of life for our entire community . What does it take to get some time at the meeting? Who sets the agenda ? is there a public comment opportunity at the normal meetings? Just a few thoughts...

  2. Hello RFDAD,

    The currently scheduled meetings will be informal. Ralph DiFebo will present some of the material he has generated, and there will be time for questions and informal discussion.

    If you have a Facebook account, go to the Facebook page and sign up for any of the meetings.

    This effort is still early, but keeping things transparent and open will be important.

    Also, feel free to fill out the survey or leave a comment for the group working on the park. Links are on the right side of the page.


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