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Presentation as Shown on September 11, 2017 to Village Commission


  1. I am concerned about the proposed size of the music venue and the associated parking, traffic and security issues in managing upwards of 7,000 people not to mention the noise and light pollution this would cause for residents of the Grove (of which I am one) and Altenheim. It seems that this location, with it's limited access (two ways in and one way out) is not suited to the proposed use. Why build a music venue that draws people from outside the community? Why not build a much needed park for the residents of Forest Park?

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for expressing your concerns. When you posted your comment, we had not yet shared our most recent slides on the blog. They are now up above.

    The traffic, noise, and security concerns are exactly why the ad hoc citizens' committee developed three different options for the park development. The 7,000 capacity development is the largest, and the committee looked at two smaller ones as well.

    At this point, prior to a final development decision, there will need to be additional feasibility work to develop a preferred solution. Obviously, the concerns of local residents will be very important. The committee believes that the issues you cited are all manageable by careful design and management of the park. Please participate in the decision-making and make sure your voice is heard.

  3. Traffic and parking would be impossible. I am confident that the feasibility report will confirm this statement.

  4. I was at the presentation to the village council and was aware of the alternate proposals. I can agree with the smaller proposal that allows for 500 people to attend events as well as the town’s “fests”. I still feel that the lack of access via Van Buren makes the larger proposals totally unsuited for this location. As for light and noise pollution Van Buren is probably the densest residential area in Forest Park and the addition of 17 town homes up the street will bring the total number of residences to over 200. Concerns of the residents of the Grove and the new town homes need to be addressed by any feasibility study before the village decides on a final proposal.

  5. I read the most recent presentation about the proposed cultural park. I do have concerns about traffic flow. We have only one way to exit out. There are also additioal townhomes that will be built on Van Buren.

  6. At your 9/11 Village Board presentation, you offered River Edge Park in Aurora, The AMP in Arkansas, and Fishel Park in Downers Grove as comparative venues. However, only one of those – Fishel Park – is in a residential setting. As such, the park is open from dawn to dusk, only security lights are on when the park is closed, concerts are held only on Tuesdays during the summer starting at 7:00 and ending around dusk, and bathroom facilities are open only when concerts are held. Furthermore, their festivals are also very respectful of neighboring residents in that they are family-focused such as the Harvest Festival which starts at 10:30 a.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m. And finally, Fishel Park is accessible on all four sides with through streets to accommodate traffic.

    There are 193 residential units with 17 more planned (210 total) not counting any residents at Altenheim that will be impacted by the proposed venue. This very densely populated block has one route out of the area, Van Buren heading north. This single street is also used by traffic cutting through from Des Plaines Ave., all CTA parking traffic, and Pace buses. There is no traffic light or even pedestrian crossing going north at the single-exit intersection. While the traffic and parking logistics seem to prove their own nightmare, respectfully ensuring community residents are accommodated in terms of noise and light pollution, security, cleanliness, and many other factors should be the primary consideration. Fishel Park does, in this case, prove to be an excellent model to use in planning development.

    I also encourage you to show posted comments at the home page so that people visiting the site see the balance of opinions regarding the proposal, and what real concerns need to be addressed for its success.


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