Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Neighborhood Meetings about the Cultural Park, March 1, 3, and 10.

Three separate meetings have been scheduled in March to present our proposal for the Cultural Park. We will be presenting at Exit Strategy, on March 1st, McGaffer's on March 3rd, and the Buzz Cafe on March 10th.

Flyers are below. We will also create events on the Facebook page.


  1. So what's the story on this? Something with the Village of Forest Park or privately owned? This was the land that the YMCA was supposed to build on, so I am very curious. As a performing artist, I would love a space that could be available, but am wondering who will manage this?

    1. Hello Unknown,

      There was talk of that land being the location of a YMCA. That fell through. The land in question is owned by Forest Park.

      All the commercial and management arrangements will be considered in great detail as the project progresses and stakeholder needs are better understood.

      You should come out to one of the meetings.


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